REI Training: Alum Reminders

This is information for Alum attending REI Trainings.

Alum Participation

Alum do NOT participate during the Training.

Re-Naming Ourselves

As soon as you join the training, rename yourself by putting “Alum” in front of your name.

Go to chat, hover over your name, select “More” then, type in “Alum” and select “Rename” to save.

Zoom Tip/Tricks

You can select & drag anyone’s picture/video to rearrange the Gallery View.

For example:
You can move all the Trainers together.

NOTE: Whenever they do Break-Out Groups, and we get back in the main room, everyone is mixed up again.


When asked to do your introduction, you ONLY need to give your name and occupation.


After we have introduced ourselves, our cameras and audio should remain off throughout the training.

Break-out Groups

When participants are sent to Break-Out Groups, you can sit in on a group, if you wish. You, however, are not to participate!

You can also choose join other Alum in a Break-Out Group where we process and discuss things we’ve noticed and share upcoming events.


We are not to post anything in chat unless a trainer includes us and ask us to post.

"What I Like about Being..."

During this exercise, if there are very few participants of a certain race, a Trainer may ask an Alum of that race to participate.

Group Cell Phone Texting

We will set up a group cell phone chat do that we can chat throughout the training.